Homemade Vanilla Wafers

These Homemade Vanilla Wafers have been a favorite of Texans for over 90 years! For 3 generations, we’ve baked up this recipe in the quaint West Texas town we call home, using the highest quality ingredients from all over Texas.

Whether you are enjoying this superior cookie with a cup of coffee or in a banana pudding, there’s just no comparing this vanilla wafer with any other. Why pay for a half-empty box when you can get a full bag of tastier wafers?

From Slaton, Texas to your hometown — enjoy!

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Along with the rest of our products, our Homemade Vanilla Wafers are locally made at one of the oldest bakeries in Texas, right in the West Texas town of Slaton, Texas. This recipe is one of our oldest recipes and has been prepared by three generations of bakers!

Our wafers are made without adding any preservatives and cooked in a way that makes them crunchier. Don’t forget the extra vanilla!

For great tasting banana pudding, add our Homemade Vanilla Wafers to any recipe for a better taste and texture – but be sure to check our banana pudding recipe on our Recipes page!

Locally made with Texan Ingredients (Flour, Sugar, Milk & Eggs), providing local jobs in our own town!


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