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The Slaton Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in the state. The Bakery started operations in 1923 when two local bakeries consolidated. Barney and Ollie Mae Wilson purchased the Bakery from Mr. R.D. Hickman and operated it until 1973, when a lease agreement was formed with their youngest son, Sherrell. A decade later, the Wilson’s purchased the location in which it now occupies, which ironically enough was the original location of the Bakery.

The Slaton Bakery has gone from being wholesale bread factory, introducing sliced hamburger and hot dog buns to the state of Texas, to making the baked goods you know and love. With about 100 years of unique stories and fond memories, we’ve come across thousands of customers who are beautiful and interesting in their own way – and that’s why we love doing what we do. Although our story is well underway, we still have many more chapters to write! Scroll to check out some of our bakery’s greatest memories.



Barney & Ollie Mae Wilson Purchase the Slaton Bakery from R.D. Hickman

Barney and Ollie Wilson

The Blue Ribbon and City Bakery consolidate – forming the Slaton Bakery

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